Writing the wrongs

Writing The Wrongs – Poundstore Riot

Superb home-fi collaboration feat. Ash Cooke & Stu Kidd - more here.


Aéropop Revisited – Alexander von Mehren

A re-imagining of Alexander von Mehren's Aéropop - get it as download, cd or vinyl here.


Songs for Sinfonietta – Valeska Gavotte

The latest release from US multi-instrumentalist recording artist - more here.


Still The Heart – The Phil Langran Band

New EP - 4 new songs - more here.

The Sunshine EP - Snippet

The Sunshine EP – Snippet

A gloriously infectious EP from Snippet - more here.

VIDEO: Knots – Martin Callingham

Recently premiered on Q Magazine‘s Q The Music website, here’s the new video from Martin Callingham. Described as a “quirky ‘reality’ interpretive dance video” by Alt Sounds, we love it and it’s a great preview of the forthcoming album, Tonight, We All Swim Free – out on 16 February:

Visit Folkwit’s Bandcamp site to hear another exclusive preview track, Portland Square and pre-order the CD and/or digital download:


More information about Martin Callingham and the new album here.

Or here: http://martincallingham.com/index.html

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NEW RELEASE: Writing The Wrongs – Poundstore Riot

Poundstore Riot is a collaboration between Welsh lo-fi maestro Ash Cooke (Pulco, Derrero) and Stu Kidd (BMX Bandits, The Wellgreen). Both being brought together by a mutual love of home-recorded (home-fi) music.

Inspired by an altercation that got somewhat out of hand at a half-price sale at a pound store in North Wales, the album ‘Writing the Wrongs’ has echos of 60s folk-rock psychedelia with the addition of the barn-storming punk grind of the eponymous track Poundstore Riot.

Lyrically intelligent, the album manages to be poignant yet at times laugh-out-loud funny. A must for fans of quality lo-fi music, Super Furry Animals and Teenage Fanclub.

“…a wonderful love letter to the art of home recording.”
- The Album Wall

“These two have really done something special here.”
- A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Writing The Wrongs - Poundstore RiotWriting The Wrongs - Poundstore Riot

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NEW RELEASE: Aéropop Revisited – Alexander von Mehren

Aéropop Revisited is an EP of remixes of selected tracks from Alexander von Mehren‘s beautifully constructed 2013 debut album, Aéropop. The EP features remixes by Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas), Andy Ramsay & Joe Watson (Stereolab), Orwell, Young Dreams, Dave LeBleu (The Mercury Program) and Crookram and was mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios.

The remixers approached the material from different perspectives writing and recording new parts and even lyrics each of them adding their own signature to von Mehren’s compositions, making the EP feel like a collection of new music rather than remixed tracks.

“While many remix projects end up as incoherent messes or ego trips for the remixers, Aéropop Revisited works as a perfect companion to the original work…”
- Tim Sendra, AllMusic.com

Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

UK RETAIL CD & VINYL RELEASE DATE: 24 November 2014Proper Music Distribution

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NEW RELEASE: Still The Heart – The Phil Langran Band

Still The Heart is an EP featuring four new recordings from The Phil Langran Band following up on the wonderful album Jukebox Love Songs, Leaving Blues, Border Crossings & Lovers’ Laments“a warm intelligent set of songs” (Ian Sinclair, Morning Star):

Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Still The Heart - The Phil Langran BandStill The Heart - The Phil Langran Band

Still the Heart is an EP of four Phil Langran originals featuring the band’s signature sound – lush close harmonies, sparkling intermeshed guitars, highly melodic sax and electric guitar lines, enhanced and underpinned by fretless bass. Through literate lyrics and intriguing melodies the songs tell of friends and family, of love and loss, and trust in the kindness of strangers and kin.

Like the band’s last album, Juke Box Love Songs (2011), the new CD is produced by Frank McCarthy and packaged in a gorgeous sleeve courtesy of Max Langran’s photography and Tom Partridge’s artwork. Two songs, Injury Time and Nothing More have been in the band set for some time, whilst Forsaken and Meeting by the River are new compositions. As Tykes News characterised Phil’s work, these are “proper grown-up love songs” featuring “premier league wordsmithery”.

The line-up features all the band on vocals, Phil Langran and Steve Benford on acoustic guitars, Pippa Marland on soprano and alto sax, Frank McCarthy on electric guitar and Mark Walker on bass. Still the Heart is dedicated to the good folk of Beeston, Nottingham, for giving us all a home from home.

Here are some reactions to previous releases:

“Musically astute and lyrically absorbing” … “A warm, intelligent set of songs for folkies”
- The Morning Star

“His vocals are utterly British and delivered with understated charm” … “The band synthesises folk, Americana, and blues influences to produce a languorous, folksy backdrop for the words”
- R2/Rock’n'Reel

“A Gem”
- BBC Celtic Heartbeat

“Provides a smooth engaging listen for the folk music lover who likes it straight and true”
- David Hintz, Folkworld #49


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FREE DOWNLOAD: The Sunshine EP – Remixed

We are chuffed to be able to offer this fab FREE download EP. It’s a set of remixes of the tracks from Snippet’s The Sunshine EP:

Download this fantastic companion to Snippet’s wonderful The Sunshine EP for FREE from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

Six special artists give Snippet’s Sunshine EP a complete make over, delivering six hand-crafted remix gems like love letters to the Summer that’s been.

“The fantastic British Summer continues with this remixed venture. Time to hang your washing out on the line again!” 9/10
- Louder than War

The Sunshine EP was released earlier in summer 2014 on Folkwit Records.

More Snippet info:



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NEW RELEASE: Songs for Sinfonietta – Valeska Gavotte

Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Songs for Sinfonietta - Valeska GavotteSongs for Sinfonietta - Valeska Gavotte

Songs for Sinfonietta is the second release on Folkwit Records by 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist Valeska Gavotte (aka Kevin Leahy) who hails from a small fishing village near Boston, US. It’s the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut The Sword and The Shield/Botanica (2013) that attracted airplay on the likes of The Curveball (WCR-FM), The Waiting Room and BBC Radio 3′s Late Junction, a 4 star review in R2 and praise from author Jonathan Coe:

“…a set that might in years to come be regarded in as a maverick release in the same manner that Van Dykes Park’s Song Cycle or Joanna Newsom’s Ys are considered.”
- Americana UK

“…there’s a strangeness at play across the songs…evoking Adem or Devendra Banhart” ****
- R2/Rock’n'Reel

“…an album that, whilst it defies classification, has so much to offer.”

“Elegant and elusive, The Sword And The Shield/Botanica brings together creativity and ingenuity to one of the most rewarding adventures sound of 2013.”
- OndaRock (Italy)

“The work of Valeska Gavotte, aka 23 year old Kevin Leahy, is one of my favourite Bandcamp discoveries in a long time. Leahy’s compositions show incredible elegance, particularly considering he plays everything himself in a stunning mixture of violin, guitar, banjo, piano, mandolin and countless other instruments; it’s undeniably impressive. His sound is the kind without immediately obvious points of reference, but there’s definitely strong similarities with Sufjan Stevens instrumentally, while the feathered production recalls Efterklang and his voice could easily be a less burdened Zach Condon.”
- Sonic Reverie

“…a great record.”
- The Waiting Room

“I listen to it often, with great pleasure…An amazing talent, in one so young. I’m sure he’ll go on to great heights…”
- Jonathan Coe, Author/Journalist

“Films often make me cry, but music almost never does – but Azure posted an album that almost broke my drought – by Valeska Gavotte. It’s like something from edenic pre-tag days, some lazysexy gentle fingers on a banjo-string or piano-key, a voice unembarrassed at not being a singer, a raggedy gnarly muddle of soft bedroom events. It’s love.”
- Great Albums Of The Week

WEBSITE: http://valeskagavotte.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ValeskaGavotte

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NEW RELEASE: Aérosuite (Sean O’Hagan Remix – The House That Jack Built) – Alexander von Mehren

The first single from the upcoming remix album of Alexander von Mehren‘s wonderful album Aéropop: Aérosuite (Sean O’Hagan Remix – The House That Jack Built) is a re-imagination of the original work by the High Llamas front man Sean O’Hagan.

Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Aérosuite (Sean O'Hagan Remix - The House That Jack Built)Aérosuite (Sean O'Hagan Remix - The House That Jack Built)

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NEW RELEASE: The Sunshine EP – Snippet

Snippet returns with a gloriously infectious EP. Six unique nuggets of sunshine SnipHop that are big on bounce, low on fat & full of technicolor loveliness.

“The sound of Summer…Pop genius”
- Louder than War

Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site and get the CD plus an instant download of the EP via the player above or this link:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
The Sunshine EP - SnippetThe Sunshine EP - Snippet

Following on from 2013’s critically acclaimed D.I.Y Album, Snippet takes it up a notch with a batch of killer songs cloaked in sweet layers of retro synths & hand crafted loops, topped off with vocal hooks to die for. This is music to lift your spirits & put a spring in your step.

“Snippet: A National Indie Treasure…The most played artist ever on BBC Introducing-Fresh On The Net”
- Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

“Dry of humour and lo-fi of sound, the skewed pop of Colchester’s Snippet?is reminiscent of early Beck.”
- Q Magazine

“A 9/10 artist”
- Louder Than War

“Touched a nerve, we love it.”
- Rob da Bank BBC Radio 1

“Snippet is without doubt a musical shape shifter of some talent”
- Fresh On The Net/Andy Von Pip

“Reminded me of early Squeeze”

“Wow, sounds really great Johnno”
- Ron Sexsmith

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SNIPPET VIDEO: We Love The Sunshine

Ahead of the release of The Sunshine EP on 21 July 2014, Snippet has released this fantastic video for the lead track We Love The Sunshine:

The video was created by Bill Greenheadhttps://www.youtube.com/user/Stiktoonz

Pre-order The Sunshine EP here: http://folkwitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-sunshine-ep

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Cleo T – LONDON Shows – This weekend!

The amazing Cleo T are playing 2 shows this weekend in LONDON – their first UK gigs with the full band line-up – well worth checking out:

Friday 6th June 2014 – 9pm
TransEurope Express Night
93 Feet East
150 Brick Ln
London E1 6QL

Saturday 7th June 2014 – 1pm
Summer Sizzler 2014
Westfield Shepherd’s Bush
Ariel Way
Shepherd’s Bush
W12 7DS

Visit Bandcamp to preview and buy the album (download and CD versions):


“The Parisian chanteuse with the single-initial surname returns with an album boasting John Parish at the knobs and twiddles. ‘I Love Me I Love Me Not’ opens with dramatic woodland strings before Ms T emerges in her freaky garb for an atmospheric number, drunkenly stumbling into a woozy chorus backed by sublime irruptions of drum, piano and string. Perfect. ‘We All’ picks up the pace with more shrieky high notes over squalls of feedback and bouncy bass bits, plus a touchingly direct chorus: ‘We all need someone to hold on to.’ True that. ‘Song To The Moon’ is the tune Marlene Dietrich would’ve sung if she’d had to live with Hitler in the swampy Bavarian marshes until things “blew over.” Excellent wolf impressions and violins. ‘Kingdom Of Smoke’ is a dark, affecting piece of melancholic theatre. ‘Whistles In The Night’ continues this brooding sound. Parish is the perfect choice for Cleo’s twisted forays into the darker side of the woodland. This excellent album also contains a track penned for Cleo by Robert Wyatt, ‘So Long Ago Yesterday,’ and an appearance from my old favourite “instrument,” the theremin. Dark and seductive. An excellent collaboration that will send you slowly mad.”
- Mark Nicholls, Shout 4 Music

“It came as no surprise to discover that Cleo T is French. The black and white, pre-Raphelite sleeve hints at something from the left field, or should that be left bank, and that is pretty much confirmed from the opening track of “Songs Of Shadow And Gold”. A large range of instrumentation, including Theremin and crystal glasses combine with delightfully melancholic melodies to give the album a film noire feel, with Cleo T playing the role of the femme fatale. An album that drifts into your consciousness like a skiff emerging from the mist, cloaked figure in the prow.”
- Neil King, FATEA

“…diaphanous and ethereal ballads…folk compositions treated in the spirit of cabaret.”
- Rock & Folk, France

“…a wild side that contrasts with sweetness, while remaining deeply sensitive and melodic.”
- Rock’n'France

We All the Video:

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